Crash prone, but no automatic reporting?

Quite often when I try to change material properties on imported FBX file (metal from 0 to 1 for example), Blender 2.8 crashes.

But there’s no crash dialogue, it just exits. No online crash log reporting?

Is there a different build to download for that, or is that outside of the scope of what Blender has resources for at the moment?

I can’t produce bug reports every time this happened, but I wouldn’t mind using a build that say, recorded the last 10 ui interactions and logged everything to file when it crashes. Is there such a download somewhere?

We do not have automatic crash reporting currently, i have done some work in that area, but that never made it to mainline blender.


It should… :slight_smile:

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I just had another crash on changing the metallic parameter from 1 (in the imported FBX) to 0 and this time, it’s repeatable.

The problem is that the file contains a lot of proprietary data that can’t be shared without a lot of parties signing off on it and NDAs being passed around.

If I just isolate the problematic object and save a file with just that one in it, the crash no longer happens, so it seems impossible for me to report it currently…

I made the thread in january, and I’m still getting frequent crashes now in march.

What you could try is replacing the textures with a solid color image, and perhaps apply a “cast to sphere” modifier to your models (you have to apply it, just putting the modifier on keeps the original mesh data) and see if it still crashes. If it does you can then report it to the bug tracker