Crash in local build

I’m getting a crash that I don’t quite understand, and it only happens on my local builds, both Release and Debug configuration.
I was trying out some changes I did to the anim channels drawing code when I noticed that changing keyed values was causing Blender to crash, VScode debugger did not tell me where though.

I thought it was a bug in my code, but after some time I realised it was crashing here
it gets called in keyframing.c when I try to add a keyframe outside the range of a Nla strip.

I tried to reset the source code to master and rebuild but it still does this. It also happens in an old build of mine so I can exclude it being caused by my recent changes…

Is it possible that I have my cmake or project configuration corrupted in some way?
The newer build is with WITH_BUILDINFO and WITH_FREESTYLE disabled, but I’m quite sure the older one was simply the result of make full.
Here’s the cmake configuration:

Thanks in advance.

A bit more code context (from keyframing.c):

in the buildbot builds you get that error without the crash
after this in my build it gets directly here, it calls the memory free function, that closes Blender.

The difference is probably in the WITH_ASSERT_ABORT setting, which you can disable if you want to match buildbot/release builds. Still that indicates there may be a bug (like a memory leak), Blender just doesn’t crash on it.

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