Constraints when using dupli faces (to mimic 2.79 dupli frames behaviour)

Hello, I’m wondering if there is any way in blender 2.8 yet to also apply object rotation constraints when using the dupli faces feature.

In my opinion this was very useful in 2.79 when using the dupli frames feature to distribute objects along a curve.

I stumbled over this while I wanted to teach a blender newbie about this technique.

While a suggested replacement for the missing dupli frames feature seems to works great when using some helper shape with the array and curve modifier and then use dupli faces on that mesh it fails at the point where also the rotation constraints should affect the rotation of the instances.

I’m not sure if this is a bug since actually I would expect that constraints also should affect duplications like this (also in 2.7x which they don’t) but I wanted to discuss this here before considering filing a bug report.

A use case was for example creating shapes like this:

But constraints have no effect on instances when doing this (also in 2.79)