Commit 869a46df2980 broke Blender builds with tbb 2021.4.0

resulting in:

[  244s] [ 99%] Built target bf_nodes_geometry
[  244s] /home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILD/blender-3.2~git.20220415T184938.2b191cd2b41/intern/cycles/integrator/path_trace.cpp: In member function 'void ccl::PathTrace::path_trace(ccl::RenderWork&)':
[  244s] /home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILD/blender-3.2~git.20220415T184938.2b191cd2b41/intern/cycles/integrator/path_trace.cpp:358:49: error: 'self' is not a member of 'tbb::v1::task'
[  244s]   358 |   tbb::task_group_context *tbb_ctx = tbb::task::self().group();
[  244s]       |                                                 ^~~~
[  244s] make[2]: *** [intern/cycles/integrator/CMakeFiles/cycles_integrator.dir/build.make:149: intern/cycles/integrator/CMakeFiles/cycles_integrator.dir/path_trace.cpp.o] Error 1

If I remember correctly, tbb::task::self() is available in an older tbb version only.

Please correct me, if Iā€™m wrong.

Full build log available here.

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You are correct. I have raised concern in the commit here:

And my personal fav Brecht fixed it right away!


You guys rock!