Color management: able to export in ACES cg colorspace and Davinci Resolve IDT support

Since Blender supports OCIO configuration, blender can adapt a ACES workflow (way to change blender’s OCIO config to ACES-> or a video tut->

And Blender uses the epic Filmic view look which gives excellent highlight preserve and shadow boost. However Blender’s color management is based on Rec.709 or sRGB primaries which is pretty limited compared to the giant ACES gamut.

For modern film insdustry or HDR content making, could we get a ACES cg color gamut ouput option?

As you can see in this video he’s using ACES OCIO config in blender to output cg footage in ACES cg color gamut and make compositing in Resolve. So that brings me think that why not we extent the exsisting Rec.709 or sRGB primaries in Blender to ACES gamut with the EPIC Filmic view look?

So to accomplish that there’s two thing’s to do:
1, extend Blender 's color space to ACES, which enables the output EXRs in the largest color space;
2, make IDTs for Davinci Resolve and other ACES compatiable softwares, so user can recreate the filmic look in those softwares.

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