Collection Visibility per Viewport?

imagine you have one viewport for rendering a duplicated object with the same ID and one viewport for modeling a same ID object which is straightly placed. you don’t have to deal with its local axis and mess up with other objects. in addition, immediately see the result.

I have tried a similar thing by creating two collection depolying on two view layers on two main windows respectively. but it is so buggy.

There’s some discussion about this topic here, it’s not clear yet if this will be back.

Is there a reason local view is not enough for this case?

1.boolean with other objects (but don’t know why blender cannot do modifier with multi-user object)
2.don’t need to change local axis and global axis again and again
3. better view orbit
4.local view cannot add object into view

considering a lot things randomly rotated and moved, how to model these things properly

How it could be better?

Supposed you are using turntable orbit,

you cannot find a way to see its “local side view”

just no one would model a object randomly placed.

You can enable trackball orbit in the settings if you want.