Collection instances controllable via parameters?

Hey everyone! I got referred here from and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.

I am heavily working with collections and am looking to make collection instances “functional”, like a machine with parameters. I am trying to replicate the functional equivalent of OOP classes and instances (with user-defined parameters) using collections, but I have no idea if this is actually possible using the collection instancing system - I fear I may have to code a workaround for this. Basically, I want to define a collection of objects that can change based on parameters, e.g. a door frame and a door where the door opening angle can be controlled using a parameter - but I don’t want to make dozens of duplicates of each object. I want everything to be contained in a single object with parameters…I hope that was somewhat understandable.
My goal is to have a single collection in which all of the functional stuff and object relationships are defined, then later make X instances of this collection and adjust each one’s parameters so that the instances all look slightly different, even though they refer to the same collection.
Do you know any way I could approach something like this?

Edit: I was told this problem might be solved with the upcoming asset manager. If this is true, I’d be interested in trying to make assets. Again, can someone point me in a direction?
Thank you!

Yeah, I think the solution is to make one object with a rig to control all that stuff and link it in with the new override system. Might be a short wait while the features are added and made more stable, but you should definitely start by making the generic things and planning out what you want them to do.