Cloth Tearing test

I tested some ideas for tearing cloth using the weld modifier before cloth.
Basically I set the cut manually separating the plane in two mesh islands in the same object and welded them with weld modifier. After that, I used the cloth solver. It begins well with the welded mesh but when I disable the weld modifier seems like the cloth resets the base mesh from that moment and continues the simulation badly(from my point of view).
Someone can please help to understand if it’s a BUG or a design issue?

IIRC, the cloth solver does not support dynamic tearing or deletion of connected edges.

So in this case I’m guessing that it detects that the topology of the mesh changed and then resets the simulation.

You mean that this is something normal due to the way it is implemented… it is expected to do that?
Not a bug at all?

Yes, this is a limitation of the cloth simulation at the moment.

Things would need to be restructured and rewritten for this to work.

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Thanks for the help! I now understand what’s happening. Really appreciate your help.

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@ZedDB Are you familiar with the current GSOC adaptive cloth work that @ish_bosamiya is doing (I’m very excited about this implementation!)? Do you think that this GSOC project could solve this current cloth limitation?

I think it could solve it, yes. This is because it now supports dynamic topology.

However I don’t think it is ready for use yet as it has only test showing that the dynamic tesselation algorithm is working.