Clearer differentiation between increment and grid snapping

A new user doesn’t know how to snap to the grid, because unless you have the “increment” option highlighted, the word “grid” doesn’t appear at all in the menu (and even when it does, the word has darker text and is placed far from the option you just clicked… I’m teaching Blender to someone right now, and this just happened).

Split the increment and grid options into two:


I even added functionality to the above mock-up by allowing the increment to be separate from the grid (this would be great in CAD-like situations, for example).


If that goes anything like my previous bug reports in the same vein, watch it being closed in 3, 2, 1…

Blender’s developers really don’t consider Ux issues to be bugs, unfortunately (hence why Blender’s reputation of a horrible UI has followed them for so long). :frowning:

Seems I should ping @mano-wii for this since he’s working on snapping options apparently.