Can't select bones to move them and test while painting vertex weigth

i was testing a simple skinning sample, and i notice that i can’t select bones.
Seems that for painting vertex groups i need to switch from pose to object mode in the armature so when im in the mesh object painting i can’t select individual bones to move or rotate them.

Please tell me that this is a WIP thing that its going to come back in the future (some time in the future even if its not for 2.80) and not a design thing, i don’t want to go back to the 3Dsmax style where i need to pre animate the armature to be able to test the weight paint without exiting Weight paint mode.

uncheck lock object modes in the Edit menu

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Thanks, even when im reading the commits day by day it seem that there are things that fly under the radar

Totally agree, I have reported the same issue here in the forum as a paper cut, only to stumble upon the solution weeks later.