Can't click + press [Shift] and drag to transform object slowly

In 2.79, the user can click down on the gizmo, say the Z arrow, then press [Shift] then drag to move the object in the direction slowly.

In 2.8, if the user clicks down on the gizmo and presses [Shift] before dragging, it seems to cancel the drag altogether, which is really annoying.

Have the drag take into account pressing [Shift].

It’s working here… :thinking:

Ah, thanks for checking. That’s weird. It’s not working on my work computer, but it’s working on my home one.

That must mean it’s not an inherent issue, but maybe a settings one. I’m going to have to reinvestigate, but I guess this should be closed. xP

Edit: Never mind, the issue is there and needs to be fixed. It happens when selecting with Left and “Activate Gizmo” is set to “Drag”. It doesn’t happen with “Press”, which is what my home version was set to.