Can we have something like Maya's reference editor? if not I wish link option was way more simple

I have been starting to try Blender and even if I can still have an idea how it work I really think t would be a lot simple to have a reference editor like Maya, don’t get me wrong I do some research or just search for the way to do the same things on blender but I think this could be lot simpler if we have something like this?

I am an animator mostly and I have been so hyped to try some creations from fellow users but the moment I just hit a mental block on how to make my workflow more simple really doesn’t help to get used to it.

I have been instructed under Maya’s workflow and it maybe that is what is really just making me having a terrible time trying to understand some stuff, I love do render and is quite fun with the power Blender has but I may or really need help to make this more simpler or who knows.

I have ask people about this and yeah the answer on the moment sound simple but I have no idea if I did something wrong along the line of how to work on this…

I could always just animate on a duplicate of the file model but that is so wrong on my book and a way to keep my workflow clean would be as I was teached: Reference on a new file and do the work.

At this point I may sound dumb but if not can somebody here explain me a simple way to link a model file into a scene? because even if I watched and read up some stuff but many terms are still alien to me and I am still pretty lost as you can see.

I don’t know where else I would leave this so hope it doesn’t bother anyone > <.
Sorry if so.