Can we get rid of the check mark as a Save Icon?

I’m not sure how a check mark translates in other languages, or even in other English speaking countries, but to me and I think most people in the United States, the check mark means “this has been done.” When you put a check mark next to an item on a list, it means that this item has been completed - no need to worry.

Check Mark - I'm Saved
(by the way why is the Ctrl+S shortcut not shown next to the save menu item?)

When I see a check mark next to the Save command in a menu, I would immediately assume that I don’t need to save because that has been done already. I would assume this as a new user but even when I’m so lost in my work that I hit the file menu and see a check mark that I am immediately convinced that the file is saved. I’ve caught myself doing it more than I’d like to admit.

Anyway, if it’s not too difficult it would be great to have an alternate icon or no icon at all when there are unsaved changes with the check icon only appearing once the file has been saved. If this is not an easy fix, the icon should be removed, at least until this can be addressed.

I’m not sure if this should be considered a papercut or a proposal or if it just needs to go in the icons thread, so I made a new thread. Any way you want to categorize this, I feel like this is an issue that should be addressed, because knowing that your file needs saving is important, and loosing work is not trivial.


That’s an issue indeed. In the icon thread it was discussed what the best icon for saving should be, and surprisingly some people argued that the floppy disk icon was not good anymore, afaik because it’s not next-gen proof (like kids nowadays may have never seen a real floppy). But then, a harddisk or a usb key pictogram wouldn’t please anyone, so at the end the checkmark was choosen (you know, you often save settings with a checkmark on smartphones apps). My 2 cents: I’d go for the good old floppy disk icon.

Anyway, your concerns are a good point in favour of reopening the debate imo, so I’ll mention this thread in the other.

By the way this is also somehow related to this proposal


Yes, I I completely agree with what has been said.

I also agree with this one. Maybe we could use an icon reminding a pocket.