Can we get a property to change individual keyframe's color?

Right now the keyframe color change is linked to the type…“brakedown”,“keyframe”,“moving hold” etc.
All good but changing the type, changes the keyframe behavior based on the keyframes around it.
What i want to do is change the regular keyframe’s color in non selected state.And that color change to be local(for specific keyframe) rather than global(for every keyframe).
I would assume that the keyframe object has a .color property that is linked to the global theme “keyframe” color property. So i would like to have access to that.
I would like to make something similar to Maya’s animbot:


Keyframes don’t change behavior and they don’t get the tag = breakdown,moving hold… etc. Even the script itself is described as “tint keyframe”.
Also I would like to make it more user controlled and to have the user choose his own colors.And have more than 3 options.
I remember using a Maya script once…that allowed the user to chose his own colors and had like 5-6 slots. I think that’s a better solution that animbot’s pre-made/hardcoded 3 choices.