Can someone explain to me the benefit of pose mode

From an animators perspective pose mode is an obstruction adding further unnecessary steps when trying to work with everything in our scene.

Please can someone explain to me if I am missing something or why this mode exists. Animators do not just work with rigs when animating and need to be able to control everything in our scene without having to switch between modes. I can understand edit and object mode as yes we do not want to mess around with vertices while moving and animating objects but when we are animating we do not always have the time to setup a new armature for a simple mesh interaction animation.

If you agree with me that pose mode is a hinderance can someone tell me how I can ask to have it removed from Blender. This would get a lot more animators switching over from maya to blender. We all know how everyone feels about maya these days.

TLDR: No it will stay for the foreseeable future

Long answer:
We talked about the use case of the pose mode and if we want to remove it or not.
The limitations are obvious and need to be addressed but there are other options than removing it. Yes coming from other software it will take time to get used to, but that will always be the case when switching software.

Current issues:
Only works with armatures
Working with multiple armatures has weird quirks
Operators you want to use on objects are not available (e.g. breakdowner)

Removing pose mode will create a whole lot of other issues, so the other option is to bring non-armatures into pose mode as well. Keeping it also has the advantage that we can potentially optimize playback by prioritizing objects that in pose mode. Plus switching mode can modify the GUI in such a way that it is animation focused.
However, there is no fleshed out plan or timeline for this yet.


Try disabling the Edit > Lock Object Modes option.

Anyway, this forum is not for this kind of user feedback, but for developers contributing improvements. Please see:

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Thank you so much for this answer as I was wondering if I was missing something with it. But just having this answer makes me feel assured. Sorry for posting it here as I was unsure where to this. Thank you again and keep up the great work as so many of us Maya artists are fed up with Autodesk and it’s attitude towards artists.