Can someone code a Blender CSS3 Plugin?

is there anybody who can code a translator plugin from blender to cascading style sheets v3.0 ? or does it make no sense…

What exactly are you asking to convert from and to?

(US, not Canadian)


from blender primitives, color and transparency to css3 code.

So you want to convert a scene to html? Render to html? I mean css can’t specify arbitrary shapes on its own so you are wanting an html page with css?

Why not just elaborate a bit? This site does not charge you by the word…

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hehe. great! states that it is possible to create css shapes, so my thought was to output a blender scene as css3 code to do 3d in webpages. Even animation is possible in css3.

HTML holds the content, while css can be used to style that content. And yes you can move shapes around using that css but I’m still not sure what exactly you are wanting to export and for what purpose.

Certainly you don’t want to export a few basic 2D shapes as mentioned in the link you supplied. If you want to export your scene as a 3D thing why not export your scene to webGL?

cool. I’m looking into WebGL then. Forget the html/css3 exporter. :grin:

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This is off topic, closing.