Can I use GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE when I release an addon

The title says it all. I just wanna be sure that I wont have any license problems when I release.

this should be one question to make at one lawyer expert of licenses, not here. maybe i am in wrong and someone will answer you

Well I think there are really experienced people in blender dev talks. So I hope that at least one of them would happen to stumble across my query.
thanks for the answer, tho.

As long as you use AGPLv3.0, the FSF seems to consider it compatible with the GPL v3 of Blender.

For most add-ons, I can’t think of a compelling reasons to use the Affero license though. Unless you’re specifically worried about someone modifying and running the add-on on a server without contributing back.

Thanks a lot for the answer. I would have to take a closer look at licenses.