Camera Distortion

Does Blenders Camera-model allow for Distorting the Image seen in the Viewport?(In my case, squeezing X or Y of the image).
(I realized, that at least in cycles Camera view can show a distorted “live” Image, when panoramic cameramodel is choosen)
I want to achieve an Image, that is similar to what can be done with aspect ratio in the render output settings for rendered Inages, but I need it as live Image in the Viewport.
I come from automotive design, and i am trying to establish Blender as our main Polymodelling tool/workflow in our studio. And this squeezing of an Image is a tool that i am missing a lot coming from other modeling apps. Here is an example for what i mean:

Is it possible to alter the Viewport/Camera? - General Forums / Blender Development Discussion - Blender Artists Community

I didn´t find anything in The Bpy documentation of the Camera.
Is there a way to expose this kind of functionality in python?

What could be a good way to approche this?