Calling for All Documentation on blend files

This seems to be a topic with scarce documentation. I ended up finding ( which was written with 2.4 in mind so its quite outdated.

I was hoping that the moderators and frequenters on this sight would have some insight into documentation for the blend file and how to read from it.

I also ended up finding this patch for the documentation ( Any recommendations are welcome. My eventual goal is to find the starting frame and ending frame of a project and read them into memory.

Welcome to the board. Try these recent threads:

  1. Blend file structure documentation
  2. .blend file errors
  3. [blend_info] Use Rust to inspect Blender files

@brecht 's caution in the second thread bears repeating:

My first advice here is always, don’t write a .blend file reader or writer. It’s Blender’s internal file format and we make no guarantee that it remains stable or try to document all the quirks [Bolding mine].

Hope this helps. Good luck!

Thanks for the hasty response @grosgood !

I don’t planning on writing a full .blend file reader or writer (hopefully). I just want to get a grasp on how the .blend file works and where to look for certain things.

Have a good day :slight_smile: