Call a .txt file according to the selected object's name


I would like to open a .txt file that has the same name as the selected object. I found some complex debates about scripting to link external data; but before trying to understand all these, I wanted to ask the question directly:

Is there a way to get a script that would open a text file, contained inside the .blend file that has the same name as the selected object (through a shortcut ideally)?

It would be like a macro that copies the name of the selected object (F2 + Ctrl + C + Enter) selects a list of .txt text editor and pastes the name to find the .txt file that will have been previously saved with the same name (Ctrl + V)

Is: -F2 -Ctrl + C -Enter -Select the list of .txt files from the text editor -Ctrl + V -Enter

I can easily get the object’s name with something like:

but then?

There should be a way:

If I can copy the name of the object and then paste it in the search field of the etxt editor; it’s nearly the whole thing.