Caching in particle nodes

I’m not sure if this is on the road map.

A common complaint about the material nodes and compositor nodes is that every time you make any change, the entire node tree gets re-evaluated, which makes tweaking a large node tree tedious. With particle nodes it could potentially be even worse as particles take a while to bake already. It would depend on exactly how it’s implemented.

Some kind of caching of nodes could help. Specifically, if you have 4 nodes (let’s call them 1, 2, 3, and 4) if you tweak #3 only #3 and #4 should be re-evaluated, #1 and #2 should not need reprocessing.

I suspect that it would be easier to implement caching or an alternative earlier in the development process, rather than later. I don’t have experience with this kind of programming so I could be very wrong. I thought I’d bring it up.

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