Building UV SLIM branch with static linked libs

trying to build this branch for Graphicall.
So far I have a working build without statically linked libraries but I’ve been asked to do it with them.

For starters, I had to checkout an early version of the branch because the newer ones didn’t work at all:

  • git checkout 'uv_unwrapping_slim_algorithm'
  • git checkout 'uv_unwrapping_slim_algorithm@{2017-05-24 17:23:54}'

I also skipped osl in because I couldn’t get it to work either (that’s not a problem since osl is not related to the SLIM algorithm)

  • ./build_files/build_environment/ --skip-osl

then I ran the long make command it gave me, went in build_linux/CMakeCache.txt and set:
and run make in the build_linux directory and I got this:

You can’t use for making a fully static build.

The branch will have to be updated to be able to use the new static libraries.

So are you saying I can’t do it until the branch has been updated ?

Yes, pretty much, unless you update the branch yourself. But that requires resolving merge conflicts in code.

Ok, thanks. Right now there’s no chance I have the skills. I guess it requires strong knowledge of most of the libraries used in 2.8 as well as Cmake and C itself, none of which I’m familiar with at the moment.