Building Blender with the newest Sculpt features

Hello Community
I just gave it a shot on my ubuntustudio 20.04 realtime kernel system to build blender with the simplest suggested setup and it worked out fine. However, I am interested in testing out the newest tilt implementations in sculpt mode. how do I build a version of Blender with these features? (I already noted a quite big improve of stability with my actual build and would like to know as well how to keep my actual build when trying new stuff…)

i am not familiar with ubutu but it should be the same thing but easier.
When you build blender in the console you need to navigate to the source folder. In my case its blender-git where i put all the thing in. In there is a blender folder automatically created when you follow the instruction on blenderwiki on how to build. You can then change the branch by typing git checkout ‘the branch you want’.
In this case its git checkout sculpt-dev. Then you can do the normal make update and make release.

I dont know how you can create a different folder so you can have the normal and the sculpt dev version on your pc. Maybe someone else can help here.

You can check all the current branches here:

You can also try and find more information here:

Wow…that was fast!

Well I have to do a daytime job, but will try all these things…I am really curious about the new sculpting stuff…and learning more about how sculpting performance is achieved as my laptop is quite old already…