Build error on mac mojave 10.14.6

just got the latest updated from the repo and now i am getting build error see screen shot
Please advise what i should do

system :mac mojave 10.14.6

think that lib got added recently, are your svn libs up to date?

That indeed should be in SVN. I believe make update in the root of your blender clone should do it.

yes that was it thanks

have you been making any mac builds since? the macos daily testing builds on the blender website abruptly stopped the same day you made this question.

yes i have been doing builds and just did a new one and works fine

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Oh gosh that is a relief! Perhaps I’ll look into setting up builds myself too - although mostly I was worried macOS support was being abandoned! Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

looks like someone restarted the linux and mac builders, fresh builds should be up shortly!

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