Build blender2.8 : cmake error

build last blender 2.8 this day error

Building blender with VS2015 for x64 in c:\blender-git\blender…\build_windows_Full_x64_vc14_Release
loading initial cache file c:\blender-git\blender\build_files\cmake\config\blender_full.cmake
– Selecting Windows SDK version to target Windows 10.0.16299.
– The C compiler identification is MSVC 19.0.24215.1
– The CXX compiler identification is MSVC 19.0.24215.1
CMake Error at C:/Program Files/CMake/share/cmake-3.11/Modules/CMakeGenericSystem.cmake:1:
Parse error. Expected a command name, got bad character with text “”.
Call Stack (most recent call first):
C:/Program Files/CMake/share/cmake-3.11/Modules/CMakeSystemSpecificInformation.cmake:21 (include)
CMakeLists.txt:107 (project)

– Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!
See also “C:/blender-git/build_windows_Full_x64_vc14_Release/CMakeFiles/CMakeOutput.log”.

Seems to be some kind of cmake issue ? this thread has a similar error and might offer some solutions.

build cmake gui :


ah. upgrade cmake 3.11 to CMake 3.12 fix this problem

have another error:
C:\blender-git\blender\intern\elbeem\intern\particletracer.cpp(1): error C2018: unknown character ‘0x50’ [c:\blender-gi

kinda feels like you have some disk corruption going on there

what is the output of git status and git fsck ?

weird, looks fine, can you attach a copy of blender\intern\elbeem\intern\particletracer.cpp ?


This file is corrupted. I suggest to download the Blender git sources again, following the exact instructions from the wiki:

yeah no doubt corrupted, still weird, i kinda figured git status would have picked up on that.

yes, i download again from blender git source… it fix.
but i have another error this day:

looks like your libs are corrupt as well

ah… thank… yes my file corrupts.
it’s work now