Bug with Eevee on Macbook Pro mid-2014 (Intel Iris Pro)


It’s my first post here so sorry if I make some mistakes (wrong category?).
It looks like I’m having a bug with Eevee:

I wonder how to enable Eevee on a Macbook pro. For the moment if I choose Eevee as Render Engine , here is the result I get (image below, Rendered mode with no material). I also screenshot my Preferences if it helps. My Macbook Pro is a Retina, 15 pouces, mid-2014, the video card is Intel Iris Pro (GPU type), OS X (version 10.9.5).

Thanks a lot!!!

OS X 10.9 is probably too old to run Eevee at this point. Eevee needs bugfixes in the OpenGL drivers not included in that version. Apple stopped supporting OS X 10.9 more than 2 years ago.

Maybe there will be a workaround for those in the future, but it’s not that likely to be prioritized.

ok, too bad, thanks a lot

I’ve tried with Mojave and it works, so you were right, 10.9.5 is too old, thanks again!