Bug in 2.93.x? Collections will always be expanded when opening a scene file


We recently moved from 2.83 LTS to 2.93 LTS, and seeing the behavior above all the time.

In 2.83 a collapsed collection would still be collapsed when the scene is reopened.
In 2.93 -all- collections are now expanded on opening a scene, despite a previous collapsed state.
Which is very annoying when you have dozens of them in a complex scene.

Is somebody else seeing this behavior? Also tested with a clean install and no addons.

Just tested,
I made a simple scene in clean fresh 2.83.5 with 4 collapsed collections, saved it.
then opened it in 2.93.1 - still collapsed.

Hmm… Killed the user prefs for 2.93, and than it behaves at it should.
Not sure what’s going on here, will look into this a bit more.


edit: It seems to be some corruption in the startup file that caused it.
After the clean reset, I turned on some basic addons and a custom keymap ported from 2.83, and it all still works now. Oh well… that’s software for ya I guess. :wink: