Bug: curve_cache not being allocated

Hi, I’ve found a bug in 2.8 that when using a bezier circle as a bevel object for a bezier curve, and then try to convert it to a mesh it doesn’t work as in 2.79.

I’ve tracked down the issue to the curve_cache of the bezier circle not being allocated.
When debugging and comparing the object created in “curvesurf_prim_add” and the object passed to “BKE_displist_make_curveTypes” where the curve_cache is allocated, the objects are different.
When testing this in 2.79 these objects are the same.
I’m stuck as to find how the object is passed through the wm_event_system and where it went wrong.

using commit b00963afc14978b2de7f2859525bf89612aa4aee on the blender2.8 branch
When running the debug build of blender, it crashes on this assert.
BLI_assert failed: */blender/source/blender/blenkernel/intern/curve.c:1864, BKE_curve_bevel_make(), at ‘cu->bevobj->runtime.curve_cache != ((void *)0)’

The bug tracker is over here

Sorry i didn’t see you were looking to fix it your self, carry on!