Box selection from empty space

Hi there

In many Mac apps it is usual behavior that when you put your mouse down on an empty place you can initiate a box selection.

I would very much like to have that behavior.

It is the behavior in the very old Carrara 3D Pro


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Which empty space are you talking about?

Where there is no objects.


So you mean in the viewport… This is how it works already (depending of the tool you’re using ofc)…

It is my impression that the box selection tool must be selected

Blender should detect a mouseclick on an empty space and regardless of tool make a box selection


Today I noticed that Blender 2.8.1 had a new feature: Box selection, click and drag.

I hoped that it meant the feature I described above.

But it seams not to :frowning:


Now I noticed that you can box select in the Outliner regardless of the active tool.

That is what I want in the Viewport.


Watch this:

He also explains how to add or remove to your selection in the comments. I downloaded his config and just copied those keyboard bindings over into my own config.

Thanks morph3us
Looks good. It says: for Windows 10.
…Im on a mac


Perhaps you have customized your keymap to work differently.

Go to File > Defaults > Load Factory Settings to clear any changes you’ve made to the keymap. Also, if you use the Industry Compatible keymap, you can box select while you have transform tools enabled.

Thanks billrey for the input.

I have done first part of your suggestion.

I can’t find Industri Compatible keycap any where?

Can you point to it.



In case Industri Compatible Keymap is part of Maya Config, that add-on is not compatible with mac at the moment.