Blender's version 2.92 bugs and feature requests

Here is a list of some of blender’s recent version 2.92 bugs and feature requests :

  1. The search-bar used to find collections when you wanted to move to another collection is gone.

  2. In blender’s old versions, they featured a game engine which is no longer a blender feature. It could be grate if they would update it and bring it back

  3. It would be better if you could select an attribute(for example: attribute randomize node in geometry node editor — color attribute in principled volume) instead of typing it.

  4. Particle count, can’t be animated.

  5. GP, can’t be exported as .svg.

  6. You can make textures from images and movie clips, but not from material.(right now, you can get bump and displacement from materials in cycles, but not in eevee)

  7. Right now, you can not shear in compositor and video editor.

  1. I don’t really understand what search bar you are talking about. The tendency was always to add more search bars. None has been removed.

  2. It was removed since 2.80. BGE was forked by UPBGE project.

  3. That is already the case in 2.93 alpha

  4. That never was possible with current particles. A new way to create particles using nodes is planned since years. That should happen after geometry nodes and allow that.

  5. GP is recent stuff. Currently, work done was about making import possible.
    There is an svg exporter for freestyle. That would be logical to see same thing coming up for GP renders.

  6. What do you mean ? It is possible to bake rendered materials into a image texture.
    EEVEE is supporting bump and normal textures.

  7. you can shear in compositor using Corner Pin node.

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