Blender user interface design
I personally thing it is a matter of building muscle memory, position is always the same, but…
How about adding an option to colorize each tab? Both in the theme settings and with a RMB option on each tab, and just as we can change shortcuts, we could quickly change the color of a particular tab…

Pretty sure that is planned already

That does seem interesting to me, if possible extend that to any UI widget?

Tabs of colors are fine but, if you study visual perception you know that the colors are relative to the context, usually in the software related to the visual arts it is important to avoid the color in the interface, since it can generate a distortion in the general color balance of the composition. Info:
But anyway it would be interesting to try it since it might not influence so much. And maybe you can leave a desaturated rendering tab.

It might be a good idea to show quick favorites on the RMB context menu too.


That’s typically an issue with large blotches of colour or backgrounds, small icons aren’t likely to cause an issue, especially if they’re not over the top of the compositing work. So colouring the tabs might interfere, since they’d be large blocks of colour. But if you coloured the icons it shouldn’t be an issue.
Unless the interface turns into a rainbow of highly saturated icons or blocks of colour, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.

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Posted maybe better solution for quick favourites
Long time proposal - Quick Favorites Pie Menu

When it comes to improving the monochromatic icons with colors, I’ve written my proposal here:

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The consisency is need not only about ordering and icon design.
What I really need is same “clear high-light” Active status about those tiny icons.


I do not know, why proportional editing keep almost same dark or grey color when it active.
It must need to show more clear change when it is “activate”

After set proportional editing, and use for edit mesh, then finish it.
nextime I often forget, proportional edit have been already active.

But current “on and off” high light is not clear. I do not say about each opton design.
But at least please show same blue clear high light when it is “ON”
as same as other icons “transparent” or “Snap” or “Overlays” they are clear. so I can see current activity.

It may just need to change back color of the tool as blue, I believe,


It is because it’s not a toggle when in Edit Mode. This was the case in 2.7x also. It would be nice to turn this into a toggle, and put all the options into a popover.

There’s a task for it here.

Nobody has coded it yet though. If any developer is interested in tackling this, would be very useful.


Thanks you already piked up these. As for me, even though it offered as drop down
hope to change background or the icon color for enabled 3 options.
I do not know, where those icons are packed, when I build. can we exchange easy?

At current I simply hope, (default, project, connected) icons show blue (background or change color as same as 2.7 style)

Then, “2d prcject” and default work differently, really hope it is clear dstinguished.
And I remember there are user feedback, proportinal edit actually show vertices as colored which will move.
(lookslike vertex weight )

The most complex thing about proportional editting, blender not show us clear, whch vertices may get effect
for transform. when we use each option and change pivot.

Since the 3D cursor became 3D, and is used for orientations, it should have a more detailed appearance in my opinion.

My preference is to have a grid in the x-y plane and the axes shown. This will allow users to use the cursor like the work plane in other softwares.

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I would like to have an option to make the grid finite, like blender 2.79. The infinite grid makes the scene look to busy.


Can we do this?
So it will be the second new retopo tool after draw poly :hugs:


New responsive design is great, but one thing is bugging me every time I see it.
It is reading like Location X, Rotation X, Scale X. Its wasting space and reads wrong.

Lets at least put this titles on top of each column like it was before?

What do you guys think?



Like that!


Probably it’s too late, but i would like to tell how i wish Blender 3D Viewport interface would be perfectly new&classic ( have to say that i like it a lot, but i feel a kind of lost of logical placement [in my thoughts i have the students i teach last year ] and with a pair of things the change could be hardless and good 4 the future too [i think])

1.-Select- cursor- Basic transformations-etc in the bottom (just direct opposite of transf. orientation snap etc…)
2.- [“T”] Tools of each (selct-cursr-B.Transf.etc) in the left. ( more vertical space free)
3.- The new info mouse line to rest the eye down of the menus bar info( if it’s gonna be immovable)

(1 thing beautiful of the last interface were his modular editor windows, it is just one funny unique game that’s a pitty to lost it; Now the new info mouse line and the new menu/ex-info editor are obligatory :~( i wouldn mind if were in the proposal distribution ;~)

Thanks a lot for being free in a crazy world and excuse my english.


Yeah, gread idea, I like this design too.

…don’t know if the place to post this would be better in PAPER CUTS?

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Ah, silo style. Yeah, would be pretty sweet to dock the tool pallet there at the bottom with horizontal layout.

I like it. Active tool buttons are set on bottom center area, It much as main tool. and it seems logical.
from monitor ratio, we can use short path to click these buttons.

My favor is each sub options eg (“add” “subtract” with border selection tool) are set near active tool.
then we can clear see, which option is used with curent active tool. maybe left side of bottom.

Current Active tool “option menu” location is good when 3d view window on left side. but it is not good place, when 3d view set on right side with monitor. these option menu seems better locate in each 3d window I think.