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Why we still have “Lift, Gamma, Gain” as the default in Color Balance Node?
In Blender 2.8, The Filmic is the default for the color management system. According to Filmic-Blender Website, It is recommended to use “ASC CDL” for color grading in the compositor’s Color Balance node. And not to use the “Lift, Gamma, Gain” option.

Why we still have “Lift, Gamma, Gain” as the default instead of “ASC CDL”?


Add the option to connect the shortcuts with the active tools and workspaces.
There is an inconsistency between the interface and the keyboard shortcuts. If I use a shortcut g, I should go to the move active tool, etc. If I use tab I should go to Modeling. At least this should put it as optional to this type of interaction, which is what all software is used. Blender should give priority to workspaces and active tools. @pablovazquez @billrey


I 100% agree, here is an earlier post on this subject that got lost in time. Blender UI paper cuts


There is no render button…


reminder of feature on rightclick select :slight_smile:


I put these in the task about changing 2.8 defaults but they might be more suitable here.

Some things I’ve noticed that probably fall into this category of fixups:

Render Properties -> Cycles -> Light Paths : The values filled in by default are not part of any preset. This means that if you start switching between the included presets, you won’t be able to go back to the default values unless you remember all of them. There should probably be a new preset added which corresponds to these values
Render Properties -> Cycles -> Sampling : The presets do not take into consideration the “Square samples” option. This means that you can select “Preview” or “Final” but the Squared Samples toggle remains set to whatever was there previously. This could be somewhat surprising. Additionally, I believe the presets that exist currently are only for the “Path tracing” integrator, not the Branched path tracer option; new presets are needed perhaps.

Presets in general : Would it be possible to include a “(default)” text next to any preset which is the default. For instance, the Cycles -> Dimensions defaults actually correspond to the “HDTV 1080p” preset. It would be nice if the preset was actually called “HDTV 1080p (default)”

Edit Mode -> Delete -> Edge Loops + Face Split option : Should be OFF by default. The Face split option is already OFF for Dissolve Vertices and Dissolve Edges and it produces more expected results in typical situations



I totally gave up on that one. Very unprofessional not fixing it.


What is wrong with them specifically?


The safe areas are not displaying correctly, if you compare with the safe areas in other apps. And that’s problematic.

Please watch this video.


By why is Photoshop being used as the correct settings? I’d have to check, but Blender’s looks closer to the actual specifications.

Here’s a good article outlining the difference between the 1961 spec and the current standard, and how most programs do it wrong:


Blender vs C4D



C4D is the same as showed in the video (photoshop). I never saw anything similar as the blender one.


But did you read my comment? Where I gave links to the actual current recommendations? And also included an article about how C4D is incorrect?


It’s not incorrect. And it seems like it’s still the most popular among video editors.


So then what is your opinion of the actual guidelines that I included in my post? Since these safe area are for display on televisions, would you not follow the “National Association of Broadcasters”? Or would prefer we use the 1961 recommendations for tube TVs?


This is not a big deal for me, but I think Blender should provide presets for those…


Blender already has presets for Title Safe sizes.


I know, but they are using the “new standard” only? Which is different from what we have in most 3d/video editing programs.

E.g this is after effects 2018

So it would be great if we could have this safe areas presets as well.


I’m still not sure of the issue. When doing work today, versus doing that same work in the 1970s, it is for broadcast on flat-panel TVs that have minimal overscan. So you should constrain yourself based on the current standards. You can, of course, choose to constrain yourself more than required. But I’m watching TV right now and the network’s own onscreen graphics are outside of the deprecated safe areas.


I’m thinking compatibility here. All the 3d and video editing apps are still using that “old” standard by default. Only Blender is different. So providing presets for both standards is the way to go.


Yes, absolutely nothing wrong with adding more presets.

I am more responding to the original complaint that Blender’s setting is wrong and “unprofessional”, etc. It is just a default setting that is easily changed with little sliders in the Properties. And users can even easily add their own presets in there. So the only complaint seems to be that the initial values match the current recommendations.