Blender UI paper cuts

Ok, but then what we do, remove all icons of blender?

Can’t addons just be added as new panel sections without needing to be added as a tab there? I would love some excuse to not have that horrible vertical text.


Currently, addons can optionally define their own categories and sections. In theory would could then ask addon developers to supply a custom icon instead.

I agree with you, any way to minimize vertical text is good.


Also could be asigned some colors to icons

Ok, I don’t know where else to ask so:

Today Blender removed the visibility eye from the Outliner (again), and only left the Display icons.

The problem is, I had a hidden Collection in a file I was working on, and that’s now seemingly permanently hidden, as not even “show hidden objects” works.

I can see all my objects (hundreds) greyed out in the Outliner. How do I make them visible in today’s build? @billrey help? :slight_smile:

EDIT: Solution was to open a build from a few days ago, enable visibility, save and then go back to today’s build. Though, hilariously, that build had the Display icons hidden, thus making it impossible to view the other collections I had hidden using the newer build! :upside_down_face:

Imo, the eye icon is more intuitive than the monitor icon. The eye will last us a few million more years, while the desktop stand monitor might change in a decade… plus, how do the monitor metaphor go together with the camera and photo printer metaphor? Seems like a bad mix…

Papercut: The eye should be back.

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I’m not sure what you mean. The ‘eye icon’ toggle (show/hide) represents a different feature than the the ‘monitor icon’ (global viewport visibility).

Do you mean that the icons should be different, or that the features should be different, or the default visible toggles should be different?

Last week, the outliner only had the eye, so I used it to hide/show collections.

This week, the outliner only has the monitor, so I then used that hide/show collections.

I don’t care that they’re different. For a beginner user, it’s in effect the same.

The trouble is, the hidden collections from last week can no longer be shown, since the button is gone.

Are you telling me Blender is not in the process of eliminating one of those features? If so, how does one access the one which isn’t currently visible in the UI?

You can use the filter popover to choose the restriction toggles you want to see. OutlinerFilters
Also, AFAIK, the default ones were meant to be the selection and the eye toggles, so that probably is a mistake.

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Thanks, had no idea that was included in the filter menu.

It would be more intuitive if the outliner actually had normal menus like the viewport, like “View” and “Select” and so on. I don’t understand the add button either. It doesn’t read as “add” at all, and why am I only allowed to add a collection? Why not throw the standards in there as well?

I find those icons really confusing - the Eye and the Monitor. The latter one doesn’t imply the fact that it affects global viewport visibility. So maybe single eye for local visibility and double eye for global visibility (or multi viewport, in other words)?


This is probably better for the icons thread, but how about combining it with the world icon?


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Try it in its native resolution. 14x14 pix.
Anyway, the World icon refers to shading settings, so it has nothing to do with global visibility.


Can we please center the file name vertically with its own cell?


this is the last week for the UI before it’s locked,Right!.. i am hoping that the UI Paper Cuts task gets finished and the new suggestions postpone after the 2.80 release because it seems there are still too many for just one week.

Bad things happens, when you change icon border’s intensity - it affects icons themselves. This option must change icon border opacity only, without chaning neither pictograms’ lightness nor thickness of their lines. Now, after setting the intensity lower than 1, but higher than 0, parts of icons get dim and local contrast gets worse.


In Dope Sheet and TimeLine

I’m not an animator but isn’t moving the keyfr on one click inconvenient? (you must do LMB and RMB right after in Left click select)

Shouldn’t it be One Click for select and Click + Drag to move a key?

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How about this.
The order you click it, in this order it stack on a mesh.

Agreed, this is not super nice. I quite liked the mockup with the shadows offset on the side (one pixel down, one pixel to the right), but they weren’t in context so not sure if they actually work.

Well, it’s less than “not optimal” now - small intensity value should increase local contrast without harming the internal contrast of icon. Right now the icon outline has sense only when used with 100% intensity, which is not optimal in many cases (too strong outline).

In Orphan data view the icon for protected/unprotected items are wrong.
Also Blender now makes you think that clicking on that X will delete unprotected stuff, instead of - the opposite - making it undeletable, plus showing that totally unrelated Power icon.
The shields icons should be there.
High priority imho.