Blender UI paper cuts

I got a problem with font rendering where a lot of fonts draw ugly boxes instead of dots.

I did fix it at some point but never got around to submitting it. It’s just changing one line in the code.
— a/source/blender/editors/interface/interface_widgets.c
+++ b/source/blender/editors/interface/interface_widgets.c
@@ -1425,7 +1425,8 @@ float UI_text_clip_middle_ex(

        if ((okwidth > 0.0f) && (strwidth > okwidth)) {
                /* utf8 ellipsis '..', some compilers complain */
-               const char sep[] = {0xe2, 0x80, 0xA5, 0x0};
+               //const char sep[] = { 0xe2, 0x80, 0xA5, 0x0 };
+               const char sep[] = { '.', '.', 0x0 };
                const int sep_len = sizeof(sep) - 1;
                const float sep_strwidth = BLF_width(fstyle->uifont_id, sep, sep_len + 1);
                float parts_strwidth;
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Another quick naming thing. Since Groups have been superseded by Collections

Ctrl + L Make Links > Group should probably be named to Make Links > Collections

Similar to how Shift + L Select Linked > Collections is already done.

I also see that in the Add menu Groups have been renamed to Collection Instances so in the Properties Window > Object > Duplication should also reflect that.

Similarly Ctrl + L Make Links > Dupligroup should also follow suit with Make Links > Collection Instance


lack of alpha control for the group node background.
the transparency its not that bad but sometimes could be anoying or too confusing, especially like in this case where i didn’t do the node tree, to studying it its really annoying to have all the other nodes behind.
I mention the alpha value because me be situations where having the base node in the bg could be helpful


This seems to be happening for you because they are not actually using an ellipsis character for overflow, but a “two-dot leader” because its a little shorter. But the ellipsis character is far more likely to be supported in fonts than two-dot leader. And two dots in a row, or the two-dot leader, is not ellipsis. Probably done by someone who is typographically challenged. LOL

I’m new to Blender coming from Softimage and one annoying detail is even though blender allows using drag and drop to parent one object to another this feature doesnt work with multiple selections (selecting multiple objects and dragging them to another object to parent).

Should be something simple to implement and a time saver not having to know the shortcuts and confirming dialogs, specially if you are new to blender.

  1. THIS: Angular snap needs to be decoupled from incremental snap Please for the love of god finally fix this.:confounded:

  2. Snapping should be per-editor, not global. If I want to snap my nodes to grid in material editor it doesn’t mean I want to snap my object to grid in my viewport as well.

  3. Confirmation pop ups for actions such as delete should go away. In the second decade of 21st century, we finally have undo :slight_smile:

  4. When selecting multiple nodes in node editor and then click-dragging them to move them, it moves only single node under the cursor.


Yes, this is a significant one. It’s almost impossible to look at a grouped node graph without it appearing very confusing and busy.

shouldn’t these be the same wording?


This disables everything. So not good enough unfortunately.

This is annoying. It should be off by default imo. I almost never want changes in my UI when loading a ,blend file.



It’s really important to be able to see a histogram or other scopes while color correcting in the compositor, but they’re only available in the image editor. Because of how they’re stacked vertically, it’s really difficult to find a good layout for color correction that doesn’t waste a ton of space.

To improve this, the Scopes section should be found in the compositing sidebar as well and apply to the viewer node.



this too… set origin exists in object “W” menu but not mesh “W” menu would be useful to have it in both.

Set Origin doesn’t work in Edit Mode, so that cannot be added there.


yep didn’t know about that, also u can call set origin in the search box all of them don’t work excpet for “set geo to origin” so i thought it wasn’t fixed yet.


Outliner feels offended.


This one looks better.

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In the preference window (particularly in the themes tab), if you scroll down, the top and side menu disappear.
Maybe it should stay on top of the other elements.


I have to disagree. I always want that to be set so I can pick up right where I left off when I open a file. If I have to go through and open all of the pertinent editors so I can start animating a rig, I’m going to be very very upset.


It really should though. Since there is absolutely no way to accurately place the center without going into edit mode, snapping the cursor to a selection (unfortunately I often have to create a new vertex to really have control here), exit edit mode, and snap the origin to the cursor. This is really a lot of steps especially for something that I have to do with probably about half of the objects I make. It would be nice if one or two of these steps could be shaved off.


I expanded upon that in this post: User Preferences > System has extraneous items - Proposal to change color picker and weight paint options UIs

The active-tool panels in the “UV Editing” and “Texture Paint” workspaces do not obey the region-overlap setting. Their panels are fully opaque.