Blender UI paper cuts



It’s not so simple. In Edit Mode there are multiple states, so it doesn’t look like a toggle. But, it would be nice to turn it into a toggle and place all the states inside the popover, this requires deeper changes than just on the UI level.


If the sidebar can be opened by clicking a small arrow button/label, then it should be possible to close it in the same way by clicking the button. Right? But this button disappears when the sidebar is open.


you can drag it closed, or use the shortcut (N)


Oh, man… I must be really bad with my explanation attempts. All I wanted was to switch the functionality between the shift and control keys during selection. Sorry! :smiley:


Wow. Lots of good stuff got buried thanks to an argument about one feature. D:


Modify a parameter in this way


Double click, no, it will slow down the workflow.

But when the value is entered from the keyboard, it would be nice to be able to adjust this value using the up/down arrow keys and the mouse wheel.


I can not see the option to symmetrize the bones from the Armature menu. I can use F3 and W, but it does not appear in the basic menu, I think!


The new pause button you can use to pause the Cycles viewport render remembers its state across saves and render mode switches.

If you’re in Cycles and you pause the viewport render, then switch to, for example, solid mode, then back to rendered mode, you get a blank viewport and the render is still paused - worse, the render status doesn’t say ‘rendering paused’ any more, it stays stuck on ‘inititalizing’. This persists even across saves, so once you’ve completely forgotton you ever paused the render, it stays paused. The only indication that you’re paused is the highlighted pause button in the corner, but that’s easily misread as the button being highlighted because you’re currently rendering.


In my view the best behaviour would be to reset this as soon as you switch to another mode, or re-open the file. The next best behaviour would be for the message to say ‘rendering paused’ as it usually does.


Fixed in master


Could this thread be split into multiple threads?, eg:

  • UI widgets & interactions
  • tools & modes
  • display & viewport
  • keymap & input
  • modes & workflows

This mega-thread is near impossible to follow.


the official name for that f isnt fake user, but ■■■■ users.


would be nice to have a preference in the settings that you can “turn on autosmooth for newly created objects” bam!, easy.


Yeah @looch, just here!



Yet another source of constant frustration. Select button in material editor slot list does additive selection by default, so it adds to previous selection instead of overriding it.
All this serves to do is to make users very confused about which faces is currently selected material slot assigned to >: ( And also becomes select/deselect cycle clickfest if you just want to quickly check your material slot assignments.


But the additive selection is also desirable sometimes.
Maybe the behavior you want could be added when Alt + Click on the Select button…


When resizing the width of the “Properties” panel there are a few pixels where the “O” in “Object Index” disappears when switching between the three and two colum layout.


I also wish there was an agreed-upon procedure for items here that are now fixed, so nobody wastes time re-investigating something unnecessarily.


Shift actually, since in (almost) all other parts of Blender, Shift is used for adding to selection :slight_smile:


I actually suggested that before it was buried deep in the messages.