Blender slowing down after adding 100k+ keyframes, even when not having a timeline open

I’m using Blender to display live motion tracking data on an armature and I want to record this motion data. This produces 100 keyframes per frame and at 60 fps this is 6000 keyframes per second. But after around 15 seconds of recording, Blender is lagging really bad, even when not viewing all the keyframes.
Is there any way to keep Blender from lagging out?

Hi @Hotox,

Questions like these are more appropriate in the Support ➔ Animation and Rigging section of the Blender Artists forum. You will have more chance of getting your question answered by fellow Blenderheads there, as Devtalk is targeted at Blender development discussions.

Good luck.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I managed to figure out a solution: instead of directly inserting the keyframes on runtime I keep them in memory and insert them at the end all at once.