Blender on multisession Citrix VDs


We are testing Windows 10 Multisession virtual computers running on Citrix on Azure.

When doing rendering, our VD becomes unresponsive already with 3 concurrent users. GPU rendering works, slowly though. When using CUDA, we get an instant timeout. Also the disk I/O is running at 200 mbps, and at this point, we can’t even log on.

We are running a Standard NV6ads A10 v5 computer with 6 vCPUs and 55 GB RAM. The Blender version we are using is 3.3.1

Our goal is to make Blender available for 25 concurrent students via VD. Of course, this requires 6 VDs or so.

I have debugging logs, if anyone has knowledge about Blender on Citrix.

Actually, I don’t know how to use Blender myself, I’m an IT guy trying to set this up. :slight_smile:

Thanks and Regards,