Blender Node Generator

Rather than put up with 15-30 minutes it takes to implement a new shading node, I have spent tens of hours creating a tool to do it for me.

Blender node generator

This tool provides a simple GUI to input various node types, inputs and outputs, and will then generate the code to create this node. Ideally, you should be able to build blender and see your shiny new node without needing to write a single line of code yourself.

I hope that this tool will be useful in speeding up the process of creating, and iterating on a new node, and allow you to focus on the fun stuff like experimenting with shaders.
I’m happy to hear suggestions and will be working to fix any bugs which people encounter.


That’s curious. I’ve been wanting to make some scalar control nodes clamped to 0-1 nodes but had no idea where to begin. I keep making my controls spread beyond the clamps I place after the input node.

Nicely done, though tobe honest, you still need to know what you are doing with the math to make the node. Maybe some visual feedback or tagging or hints on the entries would be good (like screen captures of the parts of the nodes)

Thank you,

You are right that this definitely isn’t a substitute for knowing how to program or how blender nodes work if you want a functioning node, since you still need to implement the shaders, and I didn’t mean to portray it as such.

As for your suggestion about tooltips, it is something I wanted, but the GUI library I am using doesn’t have native support, so I would need to do my own implementation. I opted to just go with a help menu instead, but I do understand that it isn’t ideal. Unfortunately I don’t see myself coming back to this to add features like that anytime soon.

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