Blender "INSTALL" build are giving multiple failures

Hey guys I was trying to build Blender into my pc for development purposes. I followed the documentation and when I am building the INSTALL for Blend.isn in VS 2019 it is giving me multiple fatal errors.
Here is the link to my logs:

Please Help me.

Looks like you either not have or have an incomplete set of libraries

How can I get a full set of libraries? Do I need to delete the “build_windows_Full_x64_vc16_Release” folder and run “make full unbuild” in the command line again?

You seem to be building 2.93, I suggest getting master to build first since it’s easier and you’ll get a handle on the build process, you can find the documentation for that over here

once you have that working, checkout the 2.93 branch and switch the win64_vc15 folder to and you should be good to go.