Blender has always opened slower on Windows. Why is this?

I’ve noticed that Blender clearly opens/launches faster on Linux. It’s very snappy and feels nice. So i did some tests and even on slower hardware it still opens faster on Linux. Both 2.7x and 2.80 are like this.

On Linux it opens almost instantly, but on Windows it can take up to a few seconds even on the fastest SSD money can buy. It’s almost like it hangs for a second doing nothing… Will this issue ever be addressed? Or is this an issue with Windows itself?

I can confirm this, it’s a very noticeable difference between a fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04 and Windows 10. Disabling Windows Defender’s realtime monitoring helps a little bit. But I suspect the core cause has to do with the speed at which Linux can create processes and read small files such as the Python UI scripts.