Blender data is lacking of flexibility (?)

Hello Everyone

I find blender quite weak at making links between its different kind of data,

I’m mainly thinking about 4 types of data

  • 1 vertex color data,
  • 2 vertex weight data ,
  • 3 all kind of marked geometry data (edges marked as seam, freestyle, sharp, smooth/flat faces etc…)
  • 4 procedural texture data ( being currently broken, (and neglected it seems ?) as new important object types that could take advantage of this information are planned while the broken state remains ).

In my humble opinion, this “pool” of data should be as flexible,accessible and unconstrained as possible, you should be able to use them everywhere, for almost every features/modifier, being Able to funnel the information from one type to another without a problem.

For example the simple fact that it’s not possible to use a vertex weight data inside a shader is proof of this lack of flexibility.

A solution to this problem:
creating a series of “conversion” functions (modifiers?) that destructively or non-destructively funnel the information from one type to another.

Potential Problem
With this much flexibility, grow the risk of the user creating endless loops.


Yes, I have an example where I’m using vertex group for procedural terrain. I even managed to place plants on the land. But they denied to animate.

I talk time ago with @Howard_Trickey and I supose that it is a “MUST” in the everything nodes because without that the nodes are useless

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