Blender crashes on a low-spec machine (Old too). My experience

Hi there, I’m not sure If I should report this but I’ll try to be very specific.
My pc specs:
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 2.9 Ghz
GPU: Nvidia geforce 3200GS 1GB
System: ArchLinux with Xfce4

By the way I’m pretty impressed that 2.8 run on my machine. And I feel really thankful for to all the developers work. But since this is a pretty outdated machine I think It could serve as reference, so here are my experiences:
Usually when I start blender It runs well with no problems, little bit lag and low performance if cavity is activated. But nothing you cannot disable. Workbech has no problems at this point.
But If I’m working more than 1 or 2 minutes in modeling for example and then I switch to lookdev, crashes, here are the terminal outputs:

Same problem happens If for example I open a the Preferences panel, but with a littlke bit different error output:

I think this is because the GPU power is not the necessary to handle the new interface over this changes but It turns interesting because If I simply avoid this common actions blender works fine, even handling amounts of polys about to 6M without crashing.

This happens also changing from modeling to rendered view (Only on eevee).
In cycles I have some troubles after the rendering, and the problem looks quite similar, If I’m already working on a scene, for exaple modeling, and then I render. Right after the render finishes blender crashes again. I’ll try to make a replicate of this bug later on If it’s necessary.

So here are some of my experiences using blender 2.8 on a low-end-outdated machine. Thanks for all your hard work guys and hope this serves in any case. Greetings and lots of Blender love.