Blender code integrate in existing project MAC - XCODE

I have existing iOS Project which is written in swift and c++

Is it possible to integrate some blender code in to the existing project let’s say deformation and boolean etc

I am able to compile and run blender code from the git

Technically i don’t see any reason why you can’t, legally blenders GPL license may be problematic since it really doesn’t play nice with apples appstore’s TOS.

@LazyDodo Thank you for response - Do you have any demo or tutorial link to do the same

In my project I have integrated open3d as a library and accessing the it’s features

same thing I need to do with blender code - but I am not sure how to do this

No, you’re kinda on your own there, we share our code with the world, you’re free to take it (as long as you abide by our license), but we really don’t have the time/resources to help integrate it into other codebases.