Blender 2.8X Name-number separator

I posted suggestion about this long long time ago on RCS and in comments even some guy wrote that he made some implementation ( ton of strange code which I don’t understand ).

So I expected to see that it was already implemented for 2.81. But I cant ound anything similar ( or I miss something ?).

We have now object rename operator and powerful butch renamer but we still cant set default name-number separation. When in most workflows used " _ " blender put " . " so I always have to rename all the hundreds of objects in different stacks to make it look how I needed.

Can someone reply some info about this thing? Would it be implemented somehow? Maybe someone already work on it? When can we expect to see it implemented and released?


Can I have at least one sentence of reply for my devfund subscription in devtalk forum user feedback section? I do not ask for a lot - just status. It is in development/not in development/no one care/etc.
Do anyone of actual dev staff reads this thread sometime?

I doubt anything has changed since this was written:

While I understand your issue, the points brought up are very valid. So I wouldn’t expect any movement on this at the moment.

It seems like a simple thing, but really is not.

Different programs are using a different character for name-number separator. In each case they are only treating the one character as “special” so how this works in pretty simple and predictable.

It would be trivial to change Blender’s “.” to an underscore everywhere, but obviously we don’t want that. Instead you want a choice on that character. But that means you and I could exchanges files where that setting differs. In case how do we deal with incrementing names with the “other” character? Obtaining a file with “.” or “_” in it now both have to be deal with in a special way.

If you follow this through carefully you will see that in the end you would need to treat all characters that could be used for name-number separator as if they were. So in order for you to get this choice it means a change of behavior for everyone else who does not need such a change.

Right now duplicating “Cube.0” gets you a “Cube.001”. But, duplicate “Cube_0” and you now get “Cube_0.001”. So we only treat the one character as special so users are free to use “_” any way they wish and are getting a result they are used to. By adding your preference the current behavior for them would change even though they don’t need your preference.

Aha. So someone is exist in this deep dark space and can reply something.

It would be trivial to change Blender’s “.” to an underscore everywhere, but obviously we don’t want that. Instead you want a choice on that character.

No need to bring universe, just add some few preset options.

No need full range choice ( none of those who wait for this feature need it ). Something like place " ~ "of some " Ё " as separator.

If it will look like such options, I think it would be enough.

  1. no separator
  2. " . " as separator
  3. " _ " as separator
  4. " - " as separator

If such task is so hard to do for such complex thing as Blender maybe just option for " no separator " will be even best solution for such users as me. I will name parent object as Objects_ ( with " _ " or what ever I wish separator as suffix ) and then instances become Object_001 Object _002

Or it can be implemented as some fake trick when Blender deeply create new items with this dot and then ( if such option activated ) simultaneously rename this item and replace dot with some else character in same time when check for numeration search not for " . " before numbers but for specified character.

Example. Item_001, Item_002, creating new item will check for _XXX ( instead of .XXX ) and find that next number is 003, name new created as Item.003, replace " . " before 003 with " _ ". If it take some additional CPU moves - I don’t give a damn, I have Threadripper on workstation.

I describe what the ass pain it cause for me in my work.

When I have nice structured scene and I replaced this " . " everywhere to " _ " because project is completed. Then fixes comes and I have to add some few new objects to some 174 instances with already replaced " . " by " _ ". What Blender do? It start add .001 .002 .003 objects. And I have to rename it manually. Why? Because when I just replace " . " .001 become _001 old _001 become _001.001 … What if I have to add not few items but some 56 new here and recreate some 72 here, etc.?

In cases of working with huge scenes with lot of stacks with hundreds objects it all just annoying ass pain.Why through all the years Blender exist no one made it work in some more convenient way?

Right now lack of option to change this " . " to something else (at least to " no separator") is just another " strange alien thing " and " because " why people from other software will not switch to Blender ( for most of them few more of such " because " together equal " never" ). Just another " because " why those why prefer to work in Blender our " alien shit " is not welcomed in other software teams. Just another disconnection between Blender and entire world. Such small and unimportant from firs look thing… Think about it.

I can’t imagine why " . " was chosen as separator and why through all years Blender was exist no any more convenient and flexible system was added. Am I the only one person in whole universe which in this case feel ass pain?

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Nope… u are not alone. Have to work in sync with people with maya… Whenever I importing something into maya with either space or a dot in it’s a name materials or objects… it fucks up everything.

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Same here, google send me here while trying to solve this naming problem. I have to work with a full team, many different internal tool and software and strict naming specification.