Blender 2.83 crashing on start and maybe gpu?

Hello. First, all over this years its amazing how Blender surpassed, in several ways, the great trends on de CGI segment like Maya, 3D Max and so on.

I´ve been using more and more, specially de VSE.

But the latest version of the software, that is very promising, version 2.83, e than it crashed.

I read in one of the topics about the similar situation and i saw that the gpu should be 1gb minimum.

I have a Gforce and barely use it, 8600GT, and use more Cycles than ever.

One of the things that i imagined if there will another version, outside the LTS where lower graphic cards will still work.

For exemple, the version 2.82 works fine and it´s just one version behind and that jump was made.

There is anyway that even with that problem i can install and run it? With no problem?


The 8600GT is below the minimum requirements for Blender 2.80 and up. Only Geforce 400 Series and newer are supported.

Older graphics cards may work, but in general are not being tested. It’s unfortunate that this card stopped working with Blender, but we don’t have the resources to keep testing and working around driver bugs for older cards.