Blender 2.82 on old laptop (edge and face overlays gone)

Im pretty sure this is dues to my outdated hardware and drivers. Hoever until 2.82 official I did not have such issue. Basically Edge and face overlays are not displaying in the viewport (yes they are enabled) while vertex are.

Hi Orphydian. Basic information is missing: Which laptop model do you have? GPU? Operating system? Are the video card drivers out of date?

Try downloading 2.81 and see if it works on your old laptop. If it did and you are using Windows, try rename the 2.82 folder in \AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender and restart 2.82. If you do not know how to go to the hidden AppData type “run” in start menu, click enter, and type in “%AppData%” within ‘run’.

Regardless of it works or not, do post a bug report with your hardware specs to

yes, Im stuck with this old laptop for now ,m more than sure the graphics are out to date. I managed to install max and Maya but I use their legacy viewports engines. Blender 2.81 worked pretty flawlessly. Ofc I cannot do any render on any software only basic modeling.