Blender 2.8 Workspace Switching Camera Position



Hi, I have UX suggestion after using 2.8 beta.
Whenever I enters edit workspace or sculpt workspace etc, each of it’s tab have their own camera. My suggestion would be better if they’re the same as “Layout” mode. or maybe an preference setting to enable shared camera view. When working back and forth between workspace, I had reposition myself again to the view angle i needed. And I find it’s really not intuitive.

It’s a little thing that makes big difference. I hope dev team will consider it.


perhaps write an addon?

I made an addon so i can quickswitch workspaces using 3 options; hotkeys, pie-menu or popup menu.

I also added a feature that it bypasses the current fallback to workspace object interaction mode. Now when you switch workspace layout will always be object and model always edit mode. My feature stores you mode when you leave and put that mode back when you re-enter it. I find that nicer. Bcaus the current method is again adding clicks, like many more things do now.

PS you can find my addon here;


I thought so too, but I’m in and out an artist, my knowledge on coding are too limited. So writing an addon from scratch is out of my ability.

I liked your addon make bender actually remember the modes. I think I’ll give it a go for now.

It’s just current blender’s workspace are all isolated spaces, camera location and modes etc doesn’t carry over between editors. If only there’s check box to ‘reuse’ editor.

Thanks again for your addon, appreciate it.


I did some testing and ran a bit stuck. I did manage to get it to work, sort of…
The issue i had it wasnt checking the stored data in the correct order. I think i almost got. Need to do more test on this.

Also found an addon which can save 3dview positions. Im allowed to use parts of this code. I will try to add this functionality because i also find this behavior sometimes annoying. Especially when you go from edit mode or model into uv editor. It changes everything completely. When im in some model part and want to uv unwrap it, i want to see that model and not something complete different.