Blender 2.8 viewport creation by clicking corners and dragging feels clunky

Viewport creation has been a bit annoying to use in blender ever since I could remember. Feels a bit too tricky to do something simple. Especially if you use a tablet instead of a mouse having to click and drag in the tiny pixel perfect section in the corner and dragging feels way harder than it should. Even worse is closing them (I just keep creating more accidentally) 2.8 I feel like is a good time to fix this to try to get more maya and 3ds max people to come to the table so to speak.

May I suggest having either a pie menu that would give you an option to create a viewport - Above Below Right Left of the current viewport…Or a right click on viewport and just have an option in there to add a viewport where you desire. and to close it just add an “x” somewhere to close it…the whole pixel perfect corner dragging method just feels way too hard to pull off.

Anyone else agree? Let me know.

The tiny corner was added “in the middle of time”, yet it seems to only be the known way for some. Some areas are now getting menu entries (View > Area) with Split, etc actions. And since the beginning of Blender you can get a right click menu in the area separators (Area Options) that allows spliting and merging. A start would be adding the missing entries (Duplicate, Swap…) where they are missing.


I didn’t know you could right click on that section - it is although still quite tiny -especially if you’re modeling with a wacom tablet to be able to go between sculpting and poly modeling. But I guess knowing that you could right click and get an option to split or merge is good.