Blender 2.8 user interface design


So what are the plans for UV editor? Blender already had poor UV editor with some improvements in 2.79, but 2.80 basically downgraded everything back to nonexistence and since it’s beta it feels worrying…


The toolbar is just a small row of buttons in the 3D Viewport but in every 2D Editor it is an opaque block. Is this intentional? Seems like an opportunity to make the bar a little less obtrusive and consistent.


you can make it transparent in user prefs
UPD So with new user prefs we cant change it?


I think it would be correct if the transfer of objects to another layer / collection (using the number keys 1-9, 0) starts to correspond to the numbers that activate a particular collection.

Now the key sequence [M], [1] will transfer objects to the root collection. And the key [1] activates the first collection in the list (not the root).

I think in the list of transferring objects to another collection [M] we could use a tilde [~] for the root collection. Then the numbers will match.



may i ask about setting up “default project template”, is there plans to have it in the future? ,there isn’t much information about the Asset Manager and if it’ll have project template where folders are setup by default, the only quick way i could do it is create a template folder hierarchy and copy paste it whenever i need it then bookmark the project in blender’s file browser


I don’t know if this is the best place to ask for this, but here it goes.

It think it would be a great help if there was some kind of highlighting when you try to modify the look of an asset.

I mean, there are some times when I want to modify the color of something (i.e. the color of the font of the header of a panel) and I have to look for it by trial and error.

This could be solved with a dropper tool for example.


I have used and worked with a customizable toolbar in the fork Bforartists for some time. I can say it is indeed very useful. I like how you can position it, resize it, customize it and duplicate it. All it needs now are the active tool sliders and panel dropdown shortcuts from the new toolbar.


This is a great proposal. :grin:


Another idea for the Add-On tabs!

  • A Tab for the Add-Ons
  • Add-On, when enabled -> New tab (recently used Add-Ons, for example…)
    Add-On, when disabled -> This tab ( and in the list )
  • The chosen add-on from list, gets activated and appears.
  • Pin Add-on tabs for quick access.
  • ( And maybe add a list for favorites… )


If the panel is transparent, it seems to be constantly jumping when switching between selected object types. On the other hand when moving an object the view3D header disappears leaving an empty space above the “n” panel that is fatal. Not to mention that it disappears the information from the axes of the browser in the upper right, while you are moving an object, you always need to have that information visible, otherwise you are forced to look first at that information and then proceed to move or perform the action you need, having to have looked before that information and remember it later.

The panel gives the sensation of being constantly bouncing, even when switching between addon tabs:

While performing an action you lose sight of vital visual information for some actions:

I think the “n” panel should be opaque to the bottom, independent of the active tool panel.


wrong thread sorry…