Blender 2.8 user interface design


I like the design as it is right now, sorry. Hopefully the panels wont be moved again.


Any updates on how and when this is going to be fixed?

When using a brush, all the brush settings are too far away from my preferred working area.
This is a huge problem for users who like to split their viewport.

Also I think the Add Cube -tool is bugging when you have more than one viewport. (How should I report a bug or check which bugs are known?)

Global topbar conflicts with multiple editors layout

without news about this, although I know many of us have asked for it.

Nor has it been commented if it is possible, if not, if it is not wanted to be done…


Don’t bother with the topbar. The tool settings is right there on the right for it.


are you talking to me? because i am not calling for design changes…u tagged the wrong person i think.


By far what you like is a much worse solution.


u know you can access the settings from the properties edtior now.


No. That’s the best solution. The topbar as it is now is pretty much useless.


Start using the tool settings and forget about the topbar…


The topbar will be always useless, is a bad site to put a lot of things and only allow few changes. Few things, like brush controls or shorcuts like maya, can work in it.


Agree 100%…


But with a few impormente could be really usefull… For example allow user to put like any other editor. Put controls in vertical…


Yes I know that and it helps a little but not much. It’s more like a workaround than a solution.
The brush settings are still not where I need them.
Also that increases the amount of clicking required when changing the tab.

In 2.79 I was able use paint tools in any viewport I wanted without any problems.
But now I have much worse options.
I can either use a viewport that is close enough to the top bar or use a viewport that is close to the properties tool panel.
To use any other viewport, I first have to split the viewport and change the editor type to Properties (which requires much more clicking).

Why it has to be this complicated? Makes no sense.
Blender 2.8 have lost some of it’s flexibility because of this.


Sorry, my bad. Wrong button probably.


it’s not complicated it’s a new design that you have to get used to because the old one had many issues and inconsistency, it’s a sacrifice that it had to be made and i don’t think the devs will revert to old system.


That’s not true. THe old design didn’t have any problem.


yes it did, many of them actually that they over looked.


OK, lets stop blickering, it was soo good so see that everyone agreed on something on a thread in this site.
lets talk more about why top bar is bad and how to fix, so maybe devs listen to us.


i don’t have time to make a huge list of flaws but here is a simple and stupid one, u see how awkward that is…your object moves away while your cursor is in a different place not only that you can’t do anything while in the move mode while the new one you can.
and i have nothing against the top-bar…it’s working as expected.


That was solved with the creation of the active tools. It has nothing to do with UI or UX. The active tools were implemented with the old T-shelf.

you are confusing tools implementation with UI.